Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Woo HUGE Order!

I've officially made it in the candy world! This week I am starting on a massive 255 piece order that I personally created the molds for. They are 6 inch round suns with intricate detailing. All will be yellow and lemon flavored and awesome! I am so excited. The deposit has been received, the materials are all here minus the huge bags of sugar and bottles corn syrup that I will pick up over the weekend and Monday the insanity begins! If you have a minute, come check out some of the new listings I've put up at!


Anonymous said...

yay yumminess

Bayberry Roost said...

Yeah! How awesome! Please take a photo of it all when it is done. Should be something to see. They sound so pretty. I want to see what 255 of them look like all at once. : )

Bayberry Roost said...

Yeah! Congrats! Is it done yet?