Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Decision decisions ....

I really dislike making big decisions. Back in August/September I put out some job apps, thinking I was on the way to being a single parent (again). But then Jesse came home, and we're working on things. I never got any call backs on the jobs. till today when I was offered a FT 7-4 shift @ a decent hourly wage. We could really use the $. The trade off is needing childcare early mornings for a couple hours for the littles (like 6:15-9a), and having MUCH less time for the candy biz. Adding $900-1000 to our monthly budget would help in a big way, especially with the holidays coming up. Course I am still working MK, still doing candy, still in school FT, and of course, still have 4 kids and husband. WWYD?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

how do i ...

unlink my blog from facebook? I no longer want blog posts to post automatically on fb.Help!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

7 Weeks and Counting

Looks like we will be headed back home to FL in about 7 weeks! I spent hours yesterday on the phone with various movers only to find many of them to be 3rd party brokers - NOT what we are looking for! So now we're down to choosing between 2 options - I'd love some input on what YOU would do!

1) Use Broadway Express - they drop a semi in front of our house, we load it up, clean the house, they drive it (transit time is 5-10 days), and we unload it whenever they show up, no guaranteed delivery date.

2) Use Federal Moving Systems - they bring a semi, load everything, take down big furniture, drive, arrrive in 2-3 days w/guaranteed delivery date, unload, put furniture back together, boxes in appropriate rooms. We clean on this end and unpack on that end.

Price difference is about $1000.

So what would you do?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Christmas in July

Tomorrow begins the South Carolina etsy street team Christmas in July sale! Check out the Storque tomorrow (http://www.etsy.com/storque/) for sale info and search XiJ on etsy to find the best deals!

The BIG Order

I finished the whole BIG order in a week and held my breath till it arrived on the 26th, only to be told they hadn't opened the boxes yet to look at them! Oh the torture of waiting! Turns out 2 of the boxes had LOTS of broken sunshines =( 1 box was in great shape but had nearly all broken lollis inside. Another box was smushed, but only a couple were broken. So yesterday the race began to get 96 more BIG lollis done and ready for shipping tomorrow morning. Oy!!

It's teaching me to mind the clock however! I have been both slave and master to the kitchen timer for the past 24 hours (minus a few for sleeping lol).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Woo HUGE Order!

I've officially made it in the candy world! This week I am starting on a massive 255 piece order that I personally created the molds for. They are 6 inch round suns with intricate detailing. All will be yellow and lemon flavored and awesome! I am so excited. The deposit has been received, the materials are all here minus the huge bags of sugar and bottles corn syrup that I will pick up over the weekend and Monday the insanity begins! If you have a minute, come check out some of the new listings I've put up at www.customcandycreations.etsy.com!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Been a while!

And I was doing so good too! Over the past month DH had prostatitus and spent 3 days in the hospital with it. Then he started getting new symptoms and after a week of tests they found he needed surgery to remove his gallbladder as it was blocked with gallstone sludge and was irritating his pancreas. Along the way I slipped on a wet spot in the bathroom from one of the littles drippy hands and broke my ankle. My nut job ex-h found me on MySpace, and since I don't use the account anyway, deleted it. I gave him dd1's email addy but she doesn't want to talk to him so no street addy or phone #. Has to be her decision because she's been hurt by him so many times already and she has come to this decision on her own. Today she is off on a trip to Carrowinds, ds1 is home sick instead of at the ballpark andi'm trying to get a candy order out before the mail run. Better get to it!